Sustainability strategy

The organising committee is planning a conference that will tangibly demonstrate the principles of sustainability.
In recognition of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals and through a consultation process open to all EIANZ members – the conference sustainability policy is to promote:

  • Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • Climate Action, and
  • Responsible Consumption and Production


The following objectives have been set.

  •  The organising committee will seek to have the conference certified carbon neutral under the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS) for events.
  • The conference will, to the maximum extent possible:

• Avoid packaging waste and minimise all other waste production,
• Not include disposable plastic products (such as balloons or straws and novelty items) in either delegate materials or in the operation of the conference proper,
• Promote the use of reusable products (such as keep cups and drink bottles), and products that are plastic-free, fully recyclable, or made from recyclable materials,
• Promote the inclusion of products and services from indigenous providers,
• Ensure that any paper used is either recycled paper stock, or, if new stock, should be FSC certified.

  • The organising committee will request from organisations providing products and services for the conference, their sustainability-related policies, to ensure alignment with conference sustainability policy and objectives.

Following the conference closing, the organising committee will review the sustainability policy and objectives against conference outcomes and identify opportunities for improvement that may be applied to future EIANZ conferences and events.