The EIANZ Conference 2018 Organising Committee would like to thank all authors who submitted abstracts for inclusion into the 2018 program. We received a record number of abstracts are we are extremely excited for the caliber of speakers within the program.

Conference Themes


This session, supported by the EIANZ Ecology SIS, looks at developments and trends in ecology and ecological management.  It builds on experience to imagine a future where ecological management is focused on achieving improvement rather than minimising loss.  How can future advances in technology be used to make these improvements?

Social Impact Assessment

Social Impact Assessment is becoming a core component of environmental assessment practice across Australia and New Zealand.  This session will focus on how practitioners are imagining a future that recognises that people and community are integral to environmental assessment.

Digital Disruption in the Environmental Sector

The growth of digital technology has been astounding over the last 2 decades and has changed the way we do business, communicate, manage knowledge and control many facets of life.  Technical advances in this field include:  the internet, mobile internet use, artificial intelligence, robotics, augmented and virtual reality technologies as well as the rapidly increasing ability to store, process and analyse vast amounts of data.  This section of the Conference will seek to answer the following questions:

  • How can the composition of the digital technology landscape be best described?
  • What disruptive and beneficial impacts are these technologies having on society and the environment?
  • What existing and emerging technologies are most relevant to application in the environmental sector?
  • What case studies demonstrate best how digital technology is already being applied in the environmental sector in Australia and New Zealand?
  • How should attendees and organisations respond to the digital disruption theme and capitalise upon the opportunities presented?
Environmental Education and Communications

This session imagines a future where environmental professionals can achieve change through support from communities.  How do we improve our engagement using new technology and new approaches to meet community expectations?

Contaminated Land

Imagine that we have identified all of the legacy contamination from past practices and have systems in place to ensure that new technologies don’t bring new legacies for future generations to deal with.  This session will be supported by the EIANZ Land Management SIS and will examine how we can harness our skills across disciplines to help deliver this outcome.


This session will be supported by the EIANZ Heritage Special Interest Section.  We invite presentations that imagine new and innovative approaches to heritage management such as new systems and new heritage people, bringing new heritage values into the current heritage framework and providing better ways for heritage engagement across the community.

Regulatory Reform

Governments across Australia and New Zealand have recently reformed the way that biodiversity protection is managed with increasing emphasis on offsets, codes of practice and standardised assessment methodologies.  There is also an increased contribution to management from outside of government.  This session will include contributions from government and non-government authorities and will examine how these significant reforms will influence biodiversity protection and enhancement over the next decade.

The Big Session - Waste

As cities grow, the pressures of managing their waste streams become larger and more complex. This session will explore the challenges of managing and utilising waste into the mid-21st century and beyond in large Australian and New Zealand cities. The session will also examine the contributions that environment professionals will make to meeting these challenges through innovations in governance, policy, practice and technology. The session will also include speakers and industry leaders addressing managing the growth and complex challenges of waste through technological and policy innovation.

Climate Change

This session, supported by the EIANZ Climate Change SIS, focuses on the environmental policy and management challenges of dealing with climate change.  Can we imagine a pathway where innovations in technology and policy at a global level provide solutions to limit impact of climate change and management the consequences of climate change?

Strategic Impact Assessment

Strategic Impact Assessment is likely to grow in importance as environmental management focuses more on the impacts of policies rather than the impact of individual projects or developments.  The growth of major cities across Australia and New Zealand make this challenge more urgent than it has been.  This session continues the work of the EIANZ Planning and Assessment SIS.

Managing the Future – Imagine New Opportunities and Challenges:

The environment is a very broad topic area, nevertheless there have been dominant issues such as population growth, climate change, resource depletion and biodiversity impacts of human centric development amongst others.  Equally, some fields, such as the growth of technology and communication, have empowered a positive response to these challenges and emerging trends.   The theme of this part of the Conference seeks answers to the following questions, taking a look back over the last decade and considering the forthcoming decade:

  • What have been the dominant environmental and associated social issues to date and how are these now shaping up when looking into the future?
  • What new challenges are likely to come to the fore in the coming decade?
  • What solutions have been deployed with success so far and what winning solutions are likely to emerge in the next decade?
  • What does this mean for Australia and New Zealand in particular?
  • How might attendees and organisations seek to position themselves to capitalise on the opportunities opening up in the next few years, in response to environmental and associated social pressures?
The Big Session – Transport

Transport networks are the circulatory systems of economies. When working efficiently, the economy is healthy and thrives. If not, the consequence is the economic equivalent of a heart attack. This session will explore the role that environmental professionals must fulfil in meeting the challenges of our transport needs of the mid-21st century and beyond, while ensuring that the delivery of transport solutions is sensitive to the physical and cultural landscapes into which they are inevitably inserted. Our speakers are leaders in transport thinking and governance.   

Conference Program

Key Dates

Call for papers close: 25 June 2018
Author notifications: 2 July 2018
Early bird registration close: 31 August 2018
Student and Early Careers Congress: 31 October 2018
Western Sydney satellite event: 31 October 2018
EIANZ 2018 Conference dates: 1-2 November 2018
Post-Conference field trips: 3 November 2018